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From APIs to task management, ZhuZhu can help you achieve your goals.


Data, APIs, Charts

Whether you need to show dynamic charts for your next big sale, or provide an API endpoint for your community of users, ZhuZhu can assist you.

Other Services

Need assistance with a big project? What about keeping your required tasks on track? Feel free to contact us to discuss what you personally need.


Boss as a service

We know that freelancers occasionally have a tough time keeping track of what’s important. Our Boss as a Service package is one way you can have someone help you manage your time and keep track of what’s important to you.


APIs (Application Programmable Interface) can help add value to your business, for both your customers and your employees.

Data Visualization

Make your data easy to understand by visualizing it using charts such as pie graphs and heat maps. 

Project Management Assistance

Have a big project and need some feedback? Or do you need someone to help keep track of key deadlines? Contact us for our assistance.

Mobile web apps

Sometimes you don’t just need a way to serve your data, you also need a way for your clients to use it! ZhuZhu can help you make web apps and admin dashboards to help bring your idea to life.

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