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Django Admin App and Model Reordering

How do you reorder your apps and models in Django Admin? This post dives into how I accomplished that for my project. Tested with Python 3.6+ and Django 2.1+

Downloading zip files through Django Admin

Need a way to export all your database’s tables into separate CSV files, packed into one zip file? Here’s one method you can try.

Django JsonResponse

Making a custom JSON response in DjangoHey guys, welcome to the first of many coding posts. Today I'm going to talk a bit about the JSONField() attribute, and making custom JSON responses with the Django REST framework. The Task So, I guess I should probably give a...

Starting a company in Hong Kong

Starting my own company in Hong Kong has been a long process. When I started to think about opening ZhuZhu Limited, I had a lot of questions and not enough answers. I'm the kind of person that tends to do a lot of research before taking action. This is the case for...

Happy Year!

Happy New Year from ZhuZhu!I hope everyone has a prosperous New Year. Keep making the world a better place.