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Open Data

Data is essential in today’s world.  ZhuZhu promotes and supports Open Data initiatives, because we believe Free and Open data can help people in our communities have better lives.

Open Source

ZhuZhu embraces the idea of Free and Open Software, and we provide support and custom development for Open Source products.

Open Government

Transparency and collaboration are needed to maintain a healthy community. ZhuZhu wants to help in building more effective and accountable governments for the people.


What Zhu-Zhu Can Do For You

We use a variety of technologies to fulfill your needs, such as Javascript, Python, and the Django REST Framework.

Data Visualization

Mobile web

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boss as a service



Sensor Atlas

An Open Data API service for environmental sensors.

Current Project and our Partners

A Geolocation Technology Company

Downloading zip files through Django Admin

Need a way to export all your database’s tables into separate CSV files, packed into one zip file? Here’s one method you can try.

Django JsonResponse

Making a custom JSON response in DjangoHey guys, welcome to the first of many coding posts. Today I'm going to talk a bit about the JSONField() attribute, and making custom JSON responses with the Django REST framework. The Task So, I guess I should probably give a...

Starting a company in Hong Kong

Starting my own company in Hong Kong has been a long process. When I started to think about opening ZhuZhu Limited, I had a lot of questions and not enough answers. I'm the kind of person that tends to do a lot of research before taking action. This is the case for...

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